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Winning Companies; Winning People

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Cover of: Winning Companies; Winning People Winning Companies; Winning People: Making it easy for average performers to adopt winning behaviours’
Author: Colin Coulson-Thomas

In many sectors competing companies offer similar products and services, and use the same or equivalent technologies, processes and systems. They recruit similar people, employ the services of the same or similar consultants, and they invariably fall for the same management fashions and fads. Yet people in some companies are so much more effective than others who undertake similar tasks in equivalent circumstances. Why is this? What do the high performers do differently?

The Winning Companies: Winning People research programme examines how people operate in important areas such as building relationships, bidding, pricing, purchasing and creating and exploiting know-how. Over 4,000 organisations have participated in the investigation led by Prof. Coulson-Thomas. Because most success factors are attitudinal and behavioural, investigating teams can distinguish the approaches of high performers or winners from the practices of low achieving losers. The results are summarised for the first time in a new book ‘Winning Companies: Winning People’*.

Contents: Setting the scene; Understanding the business and market environment; Visioning; Creating a winning board; Providing strategic leadership; Corporate Governance; Differentiation; Winning competitive bids; Pricing for profit; Developing strategic customers and key accounts; Negotiating partnering relationships; Managing supply chain relationships; Leading and managing change; Corporate transformation; Corporate communications; Going global; New ways of working; Managing virtual organisations; Creating an entrepreneurial culture; Entrepreneurial purchasing; The knowledge entrepreneur; Exploiting corporate know-how; Developing a corporate learning strategy; Integrating learning and working; Maximising benefits from IT and e-business; Boosting work group performance and salesforce productivity; Launching new products; Working with consultants; Using management methodologies, tools and techniques; Creating a competitive company; and Achieving commercial success and personal fulfilment. Appendices introduce the research and give details of sources of further information and relevant courses.

‘Winning Companies: Winning People’ provides a compendium of the differing approaches of winners and losers for those with ambitions to build successful businesses and achieve their full potential.

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